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Tourism News
Nothing to beat hanging out at highest bunjy spot
22 December 2010

          There's only one word to describe the feeling. Awesome! Jumping from a point 21Gm above the ground and hanging upside down with the world spiralling around your head is a feeling everyone should experience at least once in their life.
Face Adrenalin Bungy, on the Bloukrans Bridge -which provides the highest bungy jump in the world -is where the action took place.
On the way there, I got so scared I pleaded with photographer Brian Witbooi to jump in my place. It got to the point where Brian and my hotline colleague, Ryan, resorted to bribing me until I finally relented.
Before you can jump, you first have to undertake the Bridge Walking Tour which takes you to the jump spot.
Friends who want to accompany a jumper have to pay R100 to come along on the tour.
Those who do not tag along can be entertained at the onsite restaurant and bar, where they can watch the jumps on TVs as they happen.
The bridge tour was quite daunting, and looking down made things so much worse.
I calmed down a bit when we got to the bungy spot (right in the middle of the bridge) -a DJ was jamming fresh tunes, psyching everybody up for the big moment. The staff  were great, and you could tell they were well trained by the way they handled everything with precision.
Attached to a full-body harness, I was fifth to jump.
I had mixed feelings of fear and excitement -which turned to ecstasy after I jumped! And when I was reeled up I had the huge "bunjy grin" on my face.
As for Ryan, jumping for the second time allowed him to do his jump backwards, which he was hectically excited about.
He plans on going back next year when, as a third-time jumper, he will have the option of having only a full-body harness without being bound at the legs, allowing him to run and jump.
According to the Bloukrans team, jumpers experience "the post-jump grin and post- jump adrenalin high" that they wish could last forever.
Something that will last forever though is the DVD and photographs available on request after the I also a shop for accessories and clothing to keep as souvenirs.
Bloukrans Bungy holds Guinness World Records for the highest commercial bungy jump in the world, for the most jumps in an hour (19) and the most jumps in a 24-hour period by one person (101). It also has a 100% safety record.
My two tips for when your nerves get the better of you are, firstly, to read in the guest book about the great experiences of previous jumpers and, secondly, don't even think about telling your mother, if you don't want her to freak out! For an extended stay at Bloukrans, there is the Tsitsikamma Forest Village Trust in close proximity, a community-owned development trust that that benefits the previously  disadvantaged Tsttsikamma communities.
The chalets, backpackers accommodation and Khoisan huts are all owned and managed by the trust, supported by Face Adrenalin.
Only 40km from Plettenberg Bay, Face Adrenalin Bungy is open seven days a week, from 9am to 5pm. To book, you can call 042-281 1458 or visit their website, www.faceadrenalin.com It does not matter how old you are, it is the most liberating feeling ever -and at R690, it's worth every cent.
Go ahead and challenge yourself!

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